Staff Development Days

June 2018 Staff Development Conference Presentations:

  1. Strategies to Impact Social Determinants of Health
  2. Living Well with Dementia – Bob LeRoy, Les & Julie Burger – no PPT
  3. BARS & GASB Overview by Pat McCarthy
  4. Care Transitions
    1. Care Transitions for People with Dementia Presentation by Lynne Korte
    2. Transitions of Care Presentation by Boll & Ensey
  5. Demonstrating FCSP in MAC & TSOA Panel – no PPT
  6. Effective Monitoring Through Program and Fiscal Collaboration Presentation by Holloway, Madigan & Petit
    1. Subrecipient vs Contractor – Sample Guidelines
    2. Sample Risk Assessment Worksheet
    3. Sample Risk Assessment Criteria
    4. Sample Risk Assessment Tool
    5. Sample Desk Assessment Checklist
    6. Sample Meal Site Assessment
    7. Senior Nutrition Standards Participant Contributions
    8. Sample Source Documentation Review Tips Checklist
    9. Sample cost allocation definitions
  7. Dementia Risk Factors, Screening, Diagnosis & Intervention Presentation by Kris Rhoads
  8. Governor’s Council on Health Disparities Presentation by Marietta Bobba
  9. Contract Monitoring Best Practices Presentation by Taylor, McMillin & Merrell
    1. Handout – Eastern 2018 Final Summary Redacted Copy
    2. Handout – Pierce Monitoring Timeline Tracking Tool
    3. Handout – Pierce Provider Survey by CMs 20180201
    4. Handout – Southeast Non-IP Contracted Provider Feedback Instructions
  10. AAA Fiscal Staff Business Meeting – no PPT
  11. Talking Dementia Presentation by Lynne Korte
  12. Washington’s Housing Crunch & the Impacts: Urban, Suburban and Rural Strategies
    1. Homelessness in WA State Presentation by Kirsten Jewell
    2. Senior Homelessness & Senior Centers Presentation by Jeannie Falls
    3. Yakima Neighborhood Health Services for the Homeless Presentation by Rhonda Hauff


June 2017 Staff Development Conference Presentations:

Medicaid Transformation Project Demonstration Presentation – Carving the Path with Three Initiatives

Aging Mastery Program and Connections to Caregivers


June 2016 Staff Development Conference Presentations:

Ageism and Age Friendly Communities – Maureen Linehan

Ageism and Age-Friendly Reading Guide

ElderSpeak – The Power of Labels

Building Business Acumen  – Lynn Kimball, Yolanda Lovato, Pearl Bouchard, John Beck

Building Business Acumen 101

Building Your Business Acumen Beyond Basics

Emergency Preparedness Workshop:

Earth, Wind and Fire Windstorm 2015 – Jamie McIntyre

Personal Belongings Reunification – July André

WA Region 7 HealthCare Coalition – Rick Eickmeyer

Day 1 Response

Seeking Shelter

Lessons Learned

Case Management Nursing Services:

Snohomish Co. Case Management Nursing Services

– Carolyn Hundley, Denice Ulowetz, Sue Lee, Joy Maine and Amy Robertson

Towards a Dementia Capable Washington State – Lynne Korte and Maureen Linehan

Creating Systems to Address the Growing Impact of Dementia

2016 WA Alzheimer’s State Plan – Executive Summary

Dementia Friendly Programs in WA State

Family Caregiver Support Work Session: End of Life Resource Directory April 2016










June 2015 Staff Development Conference Presentations:

Addressing Alzheimer’s Disease PPT by Lynne Korte & Maureen Linehan

Building Your Business Acumen PPT by ALTCEW Staff

Care Coordination in the Health Home Program PPT by Dan Murphy, NWRC

Making Health Home Services Sustainable PPT by AAADSW Staff

King County Case Management Pilot PPT by Carrie Lintz

Person-Centered Planning PPT by Aime Fink

Risk Assessments, Fiscal & Program Monitoring PPT by Pat Draleau




May 29, 2014 W4A Staff Development Conference Presentations

June 13, 2013 W4A Staff Development Conference Presentations

August 2012 W4A Staff Development Conference Presentations

August 2011 Selected Resources and Background Materials from  Retreat

W4A White Paper – Examining Integrated Care

Aging and Disability Resource Connection:

Care Transitions Resources:

Chronic Care Management Projects:

Washington State Health Reform Initiatives and Dual Eligibles Planning Grant:

Resources from the Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc:

Oregon Service Delivery Model:

June 2010 Priority Recommendations from June 2010 OAA Reauthorization Forum
June 10,2010 OAA Forum Agenda

Background Materials on OAA:

Information on Health Care Reform:

June 2009 Staff Development Conference Presentations

June 2008 Staff Development Conference Presentations
Workshop Presentations:

June 2007 W4A Staff Day Presentation Materials
AM Keynote: Dr. Pierson’s Keynote (2.23 MB)
AM Workshops:

PM Workshops:

Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) Update – Presented by Susan Shepherd, ADSA